5 Best Accountability Apps and Services in 2024

5 Best Accountability Apps and Services in 2024
Photo by youssef naddam / Unsplash

There are a variety of apps and services that can help you with accountability towards your most important goals. Here are 5 of the best.

Commit Action

Website: https://www.commitaction.com

What is it? Commit Action is "The Coached Planning Ritual That Doubles Your Productivity In 30 Minutes A Week". Put another way, it is a human service that matches you with an accountability coach that helps you plan out your week, holds you accountable each day thru a series of check-ins and follow-ups and helps you review your week.

Who is it for? Commit Action positions itself towards entrepreneurs. On the site it says "it has helped thousands of Entrepreneurs achieve their goals"

What is the price? Commit Action is very expensive. It is close to $500/month for the monthly plan and close to $2000 for the yearly plan

Consider Commit Action if... You are an entrepreneur who needs additional accountability and is willing to pay the Commit Action price per month or year.

Forfeit App

Website: https://www.forfeit.app/

What is it? Forfeit is a "habit contract app" that makes it easy to create habit contracts e.g. workout 3 days a week or pay money. Forfeit has a variety of templates for goals and ways to have consequences for doing (or not doing) your goals. Part of the strength of forfeit is in its human validation of habits being done or not - so it is difficult to cheat the system.

Who is it for? For anyone who wants to be accountable to a habit and specifically needs some kind of consequence to do so - for instance being charged money or a friend being reached out to.

What is the price? Forfeit has a point system that allows you to buy and use credits for part of your consequences. You can get started for free.

Consider Forfeit if... you have a very specific habit that you need help with accountability towards and know that a certain consequence (e.g. being charged money) is what you need to conquer the habit.

Get Motivated Buddies

Website: https://www.getmotivatedbuddies.com/

What is it? Get Motivated Buddies is a social accountability app that was spun out from the popular subreddit r/getmotivatedbuddies. It is a platform that pairs you with other real-life people for accountability.

Who is it for? For people who want to be held accountable and know that working with someone else in real-life works best for them and who doesn't necessarily have a support group IRL.

What is the price? $25/month or $180/year

Consider Get Motivated Buddies if... you know that you work best when paired with someone else and the idea of having a real-human buddy who might be working on a similar goal will be motivating to you.


Website: www.summit.im

What is it? Summit is an AI life coach that helps you organize + track goals, holds you accountable, and gives you a 24/7 coach to talk to. You get to pick a personalized coach that holds you accountable but also Summit supports group functionality where you can create and join accountability groups for various goals. Summit also has a "turbo" accountability mode where you can have a real-life accountability partner setup who will get a text if you do not follow thru on your goal.

Who is it for? Someone who has a variety of goals that they want to work on and is interested in the idea of a coach helping them stay accountable and get insights into how they are doing towards their goals (and what strategies could they add to change things).

What is the price? $15/month or $150/year as of June 4th 2024.

Consider Summit if... you need a comprehensive accountability product that helps you across a variety of goals and the idea of having a personalized AI coach that you can talk to and get perspective from is helpful.


Website: https://habitatapp.co

What is it? Habitat is a group accountability app that makes it easy to create groups for accountability (called habitats).

Who is it for? Someone who has an existing accountability group and wants to leverage technology to create a group vs using a group chat or spreadsheet type of alternative.

What is the price? $5.99/month or $35.99/year

Consider Habitat if... You have an existing accountability group and are looking to upgrade from using a messaging system or other tool to one that is focused on group accountability