What is a thought son (TikTok Trend)?

You might have seen a recent TikTok trend of "thought son" where there is a moody video of a guy doing something like..

  • watching a sunset
  • being in nature
  • being in their feels
  • listening to a record like the Smiths, Mac Demarco, Radiohead, etc.
  • etc.

Some examples are below

A thought son is a guy who is in touch with their emotions, appreciates the beauty in things, and in general is into self-improvement and bettering oneself. People describe themselves as a thought son in a positive way, as opposed to hyper macho masculinity type of content or activities.

The term originated with thought daughter which is another TikTok trend that originated that Distractify calls is: "Daughters aren’t just “cute little girls” who grow up to please their parents anymore — now, we’re faced with the weight of the patriarchy, a broken society, and an impending climate disaster on our shoulders, turning us all into “thought daughters.”